PHI Receives Product Award for New 700Xi System!

Physical Electronics gained recognition when AVS revealed their top picks for the Exhibitor Product Awards at the 56 th AVS International Symposium and Exhibition that was held November 8-13, 2009 in San Jose , CA .  As part of the Exhibitor Workshop Sessions, Dr, John Hammond, a Fellow at Physical Electronics, delivered a presentation announcing the new patent-pending PHI 700Xi ™ instrument.  A joint effort from Physical Electronics and ULVAC-PHI, the 700Xi is the first Scanning Auger Nanoprobe that combines the unique capabilities of the cylindrical mirror analyzer with a high spectral resolution capability.  Ideally suited for the characterization of nano-materials, the 700Xi also includes new state-of-the-art secondary electron imaging and is internet ready to allow remote system operation and remote customer service diagnostics. 

People gather at the 56th AVS International Symposium and Exhibition

AVS 56th Product Award Winner Ribbon