Physical Electronics Announces the Release of MultiPak Version 9

Physical Electronics Announces the Release of MultiPak TM Version 9

MultiPak Version 9.0 has been recently released and in addition to a new appearance provides three new software tools for our MultiPak users:

  1. XPS spectral deconvolution
  2. Polynomial background subtraction for high energy resolution Auger spectra
  3. The ability to save massaged data files for future use.
XPS spectral deconvolution enables a new approach for XPS data collection. Traditionally high energy resolution spectra are obtained by reducing the pass energy of the spectrometer to narrow the peaks. This approach is very effective at narrowing the peaks but lowers peak intensity, leading to increased data collection time, and increased potential for x-ray induced chemical damage. Software enhanced spectroscopy via spectral deconvolution allows spectra collected at a high pass energy to be mathematically transformed into low pass energy spectra by removing the instruments high pass energy signature from the data. The result is a new high speed and low x-ray exposure data collection mode for obtaining high resolution XPS spectra.
To support the new high energy resolution mode on the PHI Model 700Xi Scanning Auger Nanoprobe a polynomial background subtraction routine has been added to MultiPak to remove the complex background shapes often associated with Auger spectra.
In response to user requests, the ability to save massaged data files has been added to MultiPak . Included in this version is the ability to save: changes to transmission function coefficients, energy scale shifts, depth calibration information, differentiation, changes to analysis region cursor positions, LLS fitting results, TFA results, added spectral regions, and image brightness, contrast, and threshold changes.
To obtain information about upgrade pricing for MultiPak Version 9.0 contact your regional sales representative.

 MultiPak V9 Flyer