Webinar Announcement Auger Electron Spectroscopy- Fundamentals and Applications

presented by Dr. Ashley Ellsworth, Staff Scientist

Auger Electron Spectroscopy (AES) provides quantitative elemental and chemical state information from surfaces of solid materials. The average depth of analysis for an AES measurement is approximately 5 nm. Modern Auger instruments provide the ability to obtain spectra with a lateral spatial resolution as small as 8 nm. Spatial distribution information is obtained by scanning the micro focused electron beam across the sample surface. Depth distribution information is obtained by combining AES measurements with ion milling (sputtering) to characterize a thin film structure. The information AES provides about surface layers or thin film structures is important for many industrial and research applications where localized surface chemistry or thin film composition plays a critical role in performance including: nanomaterials, photovoltaics, catalysis, corrosion, adhesion, semiconductor devices and packaging, magnetic media, display technology, and thin film coatings used for numerous applications. 

In this webinar, the fundamentals of AES will be introduced, followed by several applications which highlight how AES can be used for surface characterization and problem-solving studies on a wide variety of different materials.

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© 2024 Physical Electronics, Inc. (PHI) All Rights Reserved.