Physical Electronics is proud to be a sponsor at ECASIA '19 hosted this year in Dresden, Germany. 

Throughout the week, we'll be giving a number to presentations as well. Here is a list of the presentations being given at ECASIA:

Kazutoshi Mamiya - Monday, Sept. 16 4:20 pm, Konferenz 2-3 (K 2-3) - Auger Electron Spectroscopy Analysis of Phase-change Memory Cells

Masahiro Terashima - Monday, Sept. 16 4:40 pm, Konferenz 2-3 (K 2-3) - The Electronic Band Structure Analysis of OLED Device by Means of in-situ LEIPS and UPS combined with GCIB

Greg Fisher - Tuesday, Sept. 17 1:50 pm, Konferenz 1 (K 1) - Visualization of Nanoscale Features and Structural Assessment of (sub-)monolayer Coatings in Devices by Tandem MS Imaging

Kateryna Artyushkova - Tuesday, Sept. 17 4:00 pm, Hall 3 (Plenum) (H 3) - Multi-technique Surface Analysis of Graphenes

Katsumi Watanabe - Tuesday, Sept. 17 5:40 pm, Hall 2 (H 2) - Measurements of Empirical Relative Sensitivity Factors in CrKα X-ray

Ben Schmidt - Tuesday, Sept. 17 5:40 pm, Hall 2 (H 2) - New Analytical Options on PHI VersaProbe III XPS System for Characterization of Electronic Materials

Jennifer Mann - Tuesday, Sept. 17 5:40 pm, Hall 2 (H 2) - Beyond the Surface: Design & Applications of a New Laboratory-Based Scanning XPS/HAXPES Instrument

Ashley Ellsworth - Thursday, Sept. 19 5:40 pm - Using AES, EDS, and FIB to Detect, Identify, and Image Buried Metallic Particles

John Newman - Thursday, Sept. 19 5:40 pm, Hall 2 (H 2) - XPS, TOF-SIMS, and AES Analysis of Fresh and Aged Alumina-Supported Silver Catalysts

For more information on the events at ECASIA, please visit the ECASIA 2019 website for more information.

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© 2021 Physical Electronics, Inc. (PHI) All Rights Reserved.