WEBINAR ANNOUNCEMENT: "Avoiding misinterpretations in the spectroscopic analysis of heterogeneous materials: the role of small area XPS analysis and imaging”

presented by Kateryna Artyushkova, Senior Staff Scientist at Physical Electronics

In this webinar, we will discuss challenges in analyzing samples with lateral heterogeneities and suggest approaches towards the accurate structural analysis of non-homogeneous materials. In routine applications of X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS), the analyst is usually acquiring spectra over a large area from multiple positions on the sample and derives conclusions on “representative” chemical composition from average atomic concentrations and standard deviations. However, if lateral heterogeneities at the surface have smaller physical dimensions than the analysis area, the conclusions on “representative” chemical composition derived from large area spectroscopy will be erroneous. The ability to perform small area spectroscopy guided by complementary ex situ microscopic and in situ imaging tools is critical for obtaining accurate information on sample chemistry and structure. In this webinar, we will show examples of inaccurate use of large area spectroscopy. We will discuss the experimental approach towards selecting a proper relationship between the X-ray size and physical scale of defects and inhomogeneities at the surface required to obtain an accurate representation of the heterogeneous sample structure. 

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© 2024 Physical Electronics, Inc. (PHI) All Rights Reserved.