lden Gate Polymer Forum & Society of Applied Spectroscopy

PHI Fellow, Dr. John Hammond, will be the guest speaker at a special joint dinner meeting of the Golden Gate Polymer Forum (GGPF) and the Society of Applied Spectroscopy (SAS) on Tuesday, January 20, at “Michael's Restaurant at Shoreline Park” ( www.michaelsatshoreline.com ) in Mountain View , CA . The title of Dr. Hammond's presentation is "Compositional Depth Profiling of Surface Modified and Multi-Layer Polymers".

In 1980, Dr. Hammond joined Physical Electronics and has held a number of management positions in the Analytical Laboratory and Marketing Departments. For several years, John was the Product Director for Physical Electronics XPS and TOF-SIMS instrumentation. John is currently a Fellow with Physical Electronics in Chanhassen, Minnesota, and lectures extensively worldwide on the applications of surface analysis techniques

Abstract :
The recent developments of polymers that can be used as controlled drug release matrices, conductive membranes for fuel cells and novel photovoltaic matrices, and multi-layer polymers for Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) displays have expanded the analytical requirements for these two widely used techniques. Today, there is a critical need to provide the quantitative elemental, chemical and molecular information as a function of depth from the outermost surface of the polymer. to answer this need, cluster ion beam depth profiling, in conjunction with XPS and TOF-SIMS analysis can now analyze chemical and molecular gradients over a range of one micron.
The presentation will first discuss the profiling mechanism of the interaction of Buckminster Fullerene ions, C 60 + , with different types of radiation sensitive polymer materials. Highlights will then be presented of the complementary analytical information provided by XPS and TOF-SIMS. The analysis of three types of materials will then be explored: the compositional profiling of a block co-polymer, a multi-layer OLED structure and the 3 dimensional composition of the drug in an implantable controlled release polymer.

To register for this event go to www.ggpf.org/ or contact:
Justin Gaynor
email justingaynor@eoplex.com
phone 650-298-6517

Deadline for registration is 5 PM, Monday, January 19.

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