PHI Webinar Series: NEW PHI Quantes XPS/HAXPES Scanning Microprobe

Physical Electronics is hosting the webinar on the new PHI Quantes: XPS/HAXPES Scanning Microprobe. 

The PHI Quantes is a laboratory-based instrument used for performing both traditional XPS measurements using an Al Kα X-ray source, plus extended depth of analysis experiments using a Cr Kα (hard) X-ray source. The latter is referred to as HAXPES - Hard X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy.

The Cr X-ray source provides for depths of analysis roughly 3 times those obtained using an Al X-ray source.

The Quantes is based on the tried and true Quantera XPS platform

There are three times that the Quantes webinar will be held, depending on your location. To register, please click the link below that corresponds best with your location.

Quantes Webinar - Europe - Thursday, December 7th, 8:00am (Chicago)

Quantes Webinar - United States - Thursday, December 7th, 12:00pm (Chicago)

Quantes Webinar - Australia - Thursday, December 7th, 3:00pm (Chicago)

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© 2024 Physical Electronics, Inc. (PHI) All Rights Reserved.