PHI's Virtual Fall Workshop

Join us to learn recent developments and explore applications in applied surface analysis. The three days will be filled with invited speakers, live Q&A, and other highlights from our customers and PHI lab scientists.

November 17, 18, 19    
10 a.m. - Noon (CST) each day

Workshop topics will include talks on sample preparation, application of XPS, AES and TOF-SIMS for fundamental and applied research, use of correlative surface analysis utilizing PHI USA instruments and advances in data collection and processing.  

Invited speakers – our users from both academia and industry - include:

Fred Stevie, North Carolina State University, USA

Topic: Sample Handling, Preparation and Mounting for XPS and Other Surface Analytical Techniques

Alberto Herrera, CINVESTAV-Queretaro, Mexico

Topic:  Three Issues Related to XPS Data Acquisition: Angular Aperture for ARXPS, "Magic" Angle, and Data Alignment

Bill Stickle, HP, USA

Topic: Surface Chemical Microanalysis

Anass Benayad, CEA, Liten, France  

Topic: From Post-Mortem to Operando XPS, A New Approach for Lithium/Electrolyte Interface Study

Peng Li, University of Alberta, Canada

Topic: VersaProbe III - A Versatile Scanning XPS System for a Core-Facility

Nathaniel Rieders, Montana State University, USA

Topic: New Insights into Sulfide Inclusions in 1018 Carbon Steels

Zhongrui Li, University of Michigan, USA

Topic: Oxidation State Effects on the Auger Transitions in 3D Transition-Metal Compounds

Robert Hamers, University of Wisconsin - Madison, USA

Topic: XPS and UPS Studies of Chemically Functionalized Diamond Surfaces

Sebastiaan Van Nuffel, Penn State University, USA

Topic: Biological ToF-SIMS

Anja Vanleenhove, IMEC, Belgium

Topic: Buried Interface and Buried Film Analysis Using Lab-Scale HAXPES Instrument

Derrick M. Poirier, 3M, USA

Topic: Using Post-it© Notes to Prevent LaB6 Deactivation

Full agenda coming soon.

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