Update on ULVAC-PHI in Chigasaki, Japan

As a result of the recent terrible earthquake and tsunami in Japan, many of our friends have been inquiring through Physical Electronics about the status of our co-workers in ULVAC-PHI. ULVAC-PHI is located about 30 miles southwest of Tokyo right on the ocean. We are very glad to inform you that all of the ULVAC-PHI employees escaped injury due to the earthquake and tsunami. The earthquake only caused very minor damage due to some falling objects inside the buildings of ULVAC-PHI. There was no serious damage to any of the instruments in the buildings.

Presently, the employees of ULVAC-PHI are on normal schedules, despite the electrical difficulties being experienced in the Tokyo area. It is expected that the manufacturing and delivery schedules should not see significant delays. Physical Electronics will post further updates if the situation changes.

Your thoughts and concerns for our friends in all of Japan are appreciated during the upcoming recovery period.

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© 2024 Physical Electronics, Inc. (PHI) All Rights Reserved.