PHI Introduces X-tool Automated XPS Microprobe

On opening day at the American Vacuum Society’s 60th International Symposium and Exhibition held in Long Beach, California, Physical Electronics unveiled the PHI X-tool , the newest XPS instrument in a suite of products that includes the PHI Quantera II and PHI VersaProbe II. The fully automated instrument will enable more widespread use of XPS instrumentation.

Based on PHI’s patented scanning XPS microprobe technology, the X-tool makes is possible for its users to perform routine small and large area XPS measurement in three easy steps. Using its intuitive touch screen user interface and automated sample loading, the instrument can be run in either automatic mode or interactive mode, and offers automatic report generation capability. Analysis capabilities include small and large area spectroscopy, XPS mapping and sputter depth profiling. An internal optical microscope and x-ray beam induced secondary electron imaging are available to guide the selection of areas for analysis. Users can expect the same high level of performance from the PHI X-tool as they do from PHI’s other XPS instruments, and benefit from its ultimate ease of use.

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© 2024 Physical Electronics, Inc. (PHI) All Rights Reserved.