Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Characterization - TOF-SIMS


The use of 3D FIB-TOF tomography allows high fidelity characterization and imaging of complex matrix chemistries and physical structures such as voids that would not be possible by traditional sputter depth profile analysis. The FIB-TOF tomography applications are possible because of both the large angular acceptance and the large depth-of-field achieved by the TRIFT spectrometer of the PHI nanoTOF instrument. The unique attributes of the PHI nanoTOF also allow collection of the full mass spectrum with high mass scale linearity and high mass resolution which enables complete elemental and chemical characterization for 3D imaging applications. In the 3D images below K is shown to be decorating voids in the cathode and electrolyte I layers.

Following sample courtesy of Prof. Enn Lust, University of Tartu.

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© 2024 Physical Electronics, Inc. (PHI) All Rights Reserved.