3D Characterization of a Drug Eluting Coating - TOF-SIMS


Shown below are 2D and 3D TOF-SIMS images of a drug eluting coating. The coating consisted of 25 wt% rapamycin in a PLGA matrix. Understanding and controlling the character of the mixture and the composition of the bio-surface is essential to creating a coating with the desired properties. PHI TOF-SIMS instruments provide the ability to automatically collect a series of 2D images as a function of depth and assemble them to create 3D iso-surface images. In this case the drug is concentrated near the surface and diminishes in concentration as a function of depth.

2D images showing rapamycin in red and PLGA in green.

3D iso-surface overlay images of rapamycin shown in red and the PLGA coating shown in green.

Sample courtesy of Anna Belu, Medtronic, Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota for additional information see Analytical Chemistry 81 (2009) 9930-9940

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© 2024 Physical Electronics, Inc. (PHI) All Rights Reserved.