SmartSoft-VP 3.3.0 for Windows 10

SmartSoft-VersaProbe is an intuitive single-window user interface for setting up a wide variety of analyses, including control of all optional instrument accessories. Session tabs guide the user through the analysis process, and a simple point and click interface on saved photos or images is used to define points, lines, or areas of interest. Acquisition settings are highly configurable for experts, while recipe-driven analysis is available for novices. A user-friendly queuing system allows for automated unattended analysis and maximum efficiency in both R&D and high throughput environments.

  • Automated analysis queues combining XPS surveys, high-resolution scans, sputter depth profiles, angle-resolved XPS profiles, maps, and more! Future queued items can be viewed and modified even while the queue is running
  • Automated acquisition options such as Z-align, pre-sputter, SXI photo, and charge compensation
  • Automated control of vacuum valves for sample transfer and component operation
  • Ability to save recipes for common acquisitions or load settings from previous data files to reproduce analysis conditions
  • Periodic table of commonly used XPS transitions to guide users with acquisition setup
  • Highly configurable built-in and user-created settings for X-ray source, ion gun, and other components
  • Task scheduler for setting analysis or maintenance routines
  • Remote instrument operation

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© 2022 Physical Electronics, Inc. (PHI) All Rights Reserved.
© 2022 Physical Electronics, Inc. (PHI) All Rights Reserved.