SmartSoft-XPS is the Windows 10 release of PHI’s software for Quantera II, Quantera Hybrid, and Quantes. It includes an improved queue editor for enhanced control and flexibility of automated data acquisition and a new sidebar dashboard. New software features include large-area mosaic mapping of SXI and photoelectron maps, a faster Z-align and an improved algorithm for detector channel signature removal in the snapshot mode. It also includes the ability to enable SEE (System Evaluation Environment), a new service utility built into SmartSoft which periodically records all system parameters while SmartSoft is running. SEE can be extremely helpful in diagnosing system hardware issues and minimizing instrument downtime.

Advanced Queue

  • Create automated analysis queues combining surveys, high-res scans, depth profiles, maps, and more!
  • View and modify existing queue items while the queue is running.
  • Easily enable features like Z-align, pre-sputter, and use of neutralization in the queue.
  • Setup advanced experiments with queue tools such as loops, pauses, system pressure setpoints, and more!
  • Use MORE function to continue acquisition of spectra maps for improved signal-to-noise and depth profiles for reaching deeper layers.
  • Use and schedule service tasks for outgassing, startup and shutdown sequences.
  • Tasks can be copied and pasted, or entire queues can be saved, loaded, and modified for routine repeated analysis.
  • Queue validation feature allows users to identify and correct possible errors before starting the queue.

New Sidebar Dashboard

  • Easy access to common acquisition control functions and settings.
  • Acquisition status can now be viewed in the dashboard to reduce the number of open windows.
  • Sputter Tool allows quick access to all ion gun settings.
  • Display of chamber pressure.
  • Sidebar view can be customized to minimize screen clutter

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© 2024 Physical Electronics, Inc. (PHI) All Rights Reserved.
© 2024 Physical Electronics, Inc. (PHI) All Rights Reserved.