ADXPS and Single Spectrum Thickness Calculations

Angle-dependent XPS (ADXPS) is a non-destructive method to probe chemical compositions of thin-film structures at different sampling depths.

ADXPS has multiple advantages over destructive sputter depth profiling. It provides chemical information which can be compromised by ion beam-induced damage. It can also be used to analyze ultra-thin films and materials sensitive to ion-beam damage.

One of the goals of angle-dependent measurement is thin film thickness measurement and depth profile reconstruction.

StrataPHI is a software product for estimating the structure of thin-film stacks from spectral and angle-dependent XPS and HAXPES data. StrataPHI calculates thickness for multi-layer thin films composed of discrete layers of distinct chemistries.

Updated features and improved functionalities include:

  • Combined angle-dependent XPS and HAXPES data of the same sample to enhance the signal of layers at different depths
  • Accurate calculation of fractional coverage
  • Simulation mode to determine the best Al/Cr X-ray transitions to acquire for a given multi-layer thin film stack
  • Choice of Inelastic Mean Free Path (IMFP)/Effective Attenuation Length (EAL) method
  • StrataPHI Processing Record (SPR) file format tracks model setup and saves optimized structure for future analysis and sharing among users
  • Support of Auger transitions
  • Support of Fractional Stoichiometry in layer definition
  • Output for batch processing
  • Attenuation Length (AL) Database Editor can be used to calculate AL using any of the IMFP/EAL methods for multiple X-ray sources
  • Functionality for creation of ANG and PRO files from group of individual SPE files


  • Multi-layer thin film thickness and composition
  • Adventitious carbon thickness
  • Surface coverage (atoms/cm2)
  • High-throughput metrology tool for thin-film structures

Figure 1 . StrataPHI 2.0 Graphical User Interface

Figure 2. Thickness of thicker layers can be accurately obtained from combined angle-resolved

XPS and HAXPES data in a single StrataPHI analysis of 8 nm HfO2/8 nm SiO2 on Si substrate. StrataPHI 2.0 using Cr X-ray source analyzes Si 1s signal from tens of nanometers below the surface while leveraging the more intense Hf 4f signal closer to the sample surface using conventional XPS with Al X-ray source.

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© 2024 Physical Electronics, Inc. (PHI) All Rights Reserved.